Here it is. The Killer Feature from Google.

Today Google announced that Video and Voice “chat” is coming to Google Talk on Android. I just got an Acer Iconia Android tablet yesterday, and it already supports this. Understand what this means - you’ll be able to call and video chat with other Android phones, tables, and anything that can run GMail & GTalk in the browser. No need for a phone carrier. All that you need is network connectivity, which could come in the form of ubiquitous wifi. [Read More]

Google Android Market Licensing Service

I was enthused about the announcement of the Android Market Licensing Service. This is a step in the right direction to fight rampant piracy. You can actually now use a pirated version as an opportunity to sell your app. If someone downloads a pirated version, you can use the licensing service to detect it and direct them to buy the paid version. However, there are a couple of problems. First of all, the generic version of the licensing code has been cracked. [Read More]

Sales Resistance: Free and Paid Apps

Any time you put an additional step in the sales process, you gain an opportunity to lose a customer. Such is the case with Free and Paid apps. It’s a common freemium pattern in the Google Android Market and Apple App Store. You’re familiar with the pattern - there’s a Free version of the app that’s restricted and then there’s a Paid version that has all of the features. As a developer, the problem is that you have to maintain two versions of the same app. [Read More]

Syrious Blasts! First Release

We have made our first release of Syrious Blasts!®, an addicting fast-paced puzzle game for Android devices. The Lite version is free and the Full version is on sale right now for $.99.

Go and grab yours before the price goes up!

AlphaMixr 1.3.0 Released

AlphaMixr 1.3.0 Full & Lite were released today. AlphaMixr Lite now contains 100 games instead of 20. The time bonus issue has been fixed in both versions.

Getting Nexus One Working with USB on Ubuntu

I received my Nexus One on Thursday. It is flat-out fast. I’m really liking it, even if it doesn’t have a physical keyboard like my G1. I was pretty excited to load my latest development game on it. However I found that the Ubuntu USB settings that I had setup for the G1 didn’t work for the Nexus One, even though they’re both HTC phones. I had setup Linux (Ubuntu 8. [Read More]

AlphaMixr Version 1.2.0 Released

The new features of this Text Twist-like scrambled word game include an improved dictionary and the ability to view Global High Score maps right on your phone! If you have an Android phone - especially the new Verizon Droid - you should check out this game. It’s available on the Android Market in a Trial and Full version. More information is available at Syrious Games.

AlphaMixr on Sale! Picked as #1 Game!

AlphaMixr, my Android game for T-Mobile G1, et. al. is on sale for $.99 this weekend (through 7⁄26). You can beat the price - it’s less that a hamburger on the $1 menu at McDonald’s! Get it while it’s hot! AlphaMixr was picked as the #1 G1 Game or App on this blog. You can read the review for AlphaMixr at Android Tapp where it got 4 out of 5 droids. [Read More]