About me

Shameless self-promotion page

My name is Dan Syrstad, if it isn’t obvious by now. I’m the founder of Visual Systems Corp., a 27 year-old company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

I focus on software consulting, specializing in:

  • Full-stack Java since inception, but I do all kinds of languages including C/C++, Javascript, all the web stuff, SQL, and various NoSQL. I’ve used Python and Octave in my machine learning and deep learning courses.
  • Mobile, especially native Android, and more recently PWAs
  • Software Security (everyone should specialize in this)
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • AWS

I have published three mobile games under the Visual Systems Syrious Games® brand:

  • Syrious Poker - a real-time multi-player poker game. This was a large technical effort which involved writing an OpenGL ES game engine and a backend multi-player server. The server is hosted on AWS and uses various AWS services such as DynamoDB, EC2, S3, etc. The game even includes live voice chat.
  • Syrious Scramble® - a scrambled word game. This was my first app for Android. I was later asked by Google to port it to Google TV (when that was a thing). Later I entered into a marketing agreement with Sony to feature it on their Google TV marketing, including product packaging.
  • Syrious Blasts!® - a fast-paced puzzle game.

I’ve also done some open-source work. One project is called Wicket Web Beans and was built as a Ruby on Rails alternative for the Apache Wicket web framework. The other project is/was Ener-J, an object database system. Both are available on GitHub: https://github.com/dsyrstad.

In my “spare time”, I research Computational Neuroscience to understand how the brain works and how it self-learns. I think a fundamental shortcoming of current machine learning and deep learning is how it “learns” and I hope to correct that.

Visual Systems’ company name is based on the fact that the brain’s visual system is the highest bandwidth input humans have for learning.