Wicket Web Beans 1.0 (final) Released

Wicket Web Beans 1.0 (final) has been released. Major inclusions in this release are the finalization of the Databinder integration and Wicket 1.3.0 (final) support. http://wicketwebbeans.sourceforge.net

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Petr Sakar -

Hi Dan, nice work. Can you please look at http://www.nabble.com/Change-of-panel-td14797276.html - I think it would make it easier to create new components for WWB. What do you think ? Petr Sakar

Dan Syrstad -

Hi Petr: Actually, creating a new field component does not require the creation of an html file, although most of the time you need to create one. If you think about it, a component usually has some unique look to it which requires the look to be defined in an html file. If you just have a specialization of YUIDateField, for example, you would not have to create another HTML file. YUIDateField.html would work.

Richard Kennard -

Dan, Congratulations on shipping! I just stumbled across Wicket Web Beans whilst working on Metawidget (http://www.metawidget.org). I was wondering if there was any opportunity for us to benefit each other? For example, I’d love to have a WicketMetawidget class, and you might enjoy the broad range of pluggable Inspectors Metawidget has (for JPA, Hibernate Validator, Hibernate XML files, GroovyBeans, etc.) Regards, Richard.

Anton Zeef -

Hi Dan, I had to check out wicket webbeans 1.0 (final) via subversion… isn’t there another way to get the right jar’s? Can you please make some sort of distribution available? Btw, i like your code webbeans, esspecially the integration with databinder, that rules! and can’t wait to see release 2.0 ;-) .. Thnx in advance. Regards. Anton

Anton Zeef -

Hi Dan, I found out via google search ‘wicket webbeans’ that you distribute under http://sourceforge.net/projects/wicketwebbeans, but from http://wicketwebbeans.sourceforge.net/ I wasn’t able to get there…. maybe you can add the link? For me, it doesn’t matter anymore, since I’ve already found your jar’s, but http://wicketwebbeans.sourceforge.net/ is the usual starting point, so I recommend you make it downloadable in stead of having to check-out the source from svn. Sincerely, Anton Zeef

Anton Zeef -

sorry for the inclusion of the comma in the url… that should have been http://sourceforge.net/projects/wicketwebbeans of course

Dan Syrstad -

Hi Anton, If you click the “Sourceforge.net” icon on the left it will take you to the sourceforge project page. From there you can download it. There are snapshots of 1.1 available from mvn. Simply check out the source and build it. That’s the surest way to know that you’re getting the latest. -Dan

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