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Bad Smells

Friday, October 24th, 2008

We were working on some refactored code today that wasn’t refactored properly. The tests had been changed to make the refactored code pass. My colleague said that I should write-up my “profound” comment on the situation:

If you’re performing a refactoring and you find yourself changing asserts in existing unit tests, something should smell bad. You’ve probably done something more than refactor the code.

T-Mobile G1/Google Android

Friday, October 24th, 2008

I got a G1 on Wednesday and I’m liking it. I’ve had an iPod Touch for over a year now and I’ve liked that, except for the keyboard. The introduction of Apple’s App Store and the revocation of apps from it concerns me.

On the G1, I definitely like the keyboard and its ability to switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi, T-Mobile Hotspots (included with the data plan), 3G, and Edge. It’s also a 4-mode phone which means you can take it pretty much anywhere in the world. I think Android has a lot of potential. It’s got some rough edges right now, but I’m sure it will get better. I also like the call audio quality and signal strength. Much better than Verizon so far.

It comes with a 1GB SD card – I just ordered a 8GB microSD card today for $20 (

I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t launch with accessories – like a holster (!). I was also told that it shipped with a USB/headphone¬† adapter. It doesn’t. It is a USB/earphones/microphone and the earphones suck for music. I have some nice Bose headphones I’d like to use, but no accessory to be found. I’m breaking out the soldering iron this weekend!

The apps so far are free and pretty decent. Shazam has an app too. I never used Shazam before. It is cool. Riding in your car listening to a tune and want to know what song it is? Shazam listens to the music for 20-30 seconds and very reliably (hitting 100% for me) identifies the song. It then provides links to buy it on Amazon’s mp3 store and to YouTube.
I’ll keep you posted as I gain more experience with it.