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Starting Work on WWB 2.0

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I’ve got some new ideas and directions for Wicket Web Beans, so I’m starting work on 2.0. I hope to incorporate some of the previous requests and comments in an elegant and cohesive manner. WWB 2.0 work will proceed under branch wwb-2.0. I made a snapshot of the unreleased WWB 1.1 work in SVN under branches/wwb-1.1 prior to the 2.0 branch. WWB 1.1 work will continue on the trunk.

Databinder has been updated to 1.2 on the trunk and the wwb-2.0 branch. The wicketwebbeans-databinder*1.2 modules have now replaced the older wicketwebbeans-databinder* modules.

More on the new features I’m working on for 2.0 later…