WicketWebBeans 1.0-rc2 Released

Wicket Web Beans 1.0-rc2 has been released. Major inclusions in this release are a Java metadata API, annotations, and 18+ new features. 1.0 Final is planned to be released in 10 days if no major issues are found.


3 Responses to “WicketWebBeans 1.0-rc2 Released”

  1. Jonathan Locke says:

    One suggestion: simplify or refactor BeanMetaData constructions somehow. Why not use factory methods to create BeanMetaData? I think it might be a bit more self-documenting. This is not easily understood at a glance:

    new BeanMetaData(bean.getClass(), null, this, null, false);

    Something like this is easier to read, although arguably a bit less discoverable.

    BeanMetaData.forChildBean(bean, VIEW_ONLY);

  2. Jonathan Locke says:

    Also, why can’t I say just this:

    12 add(new BeanForm(“beanForm”, new Customer()));

    instead of this:

    12 Customer bean = new Customer();
    13 BeanMetaData meta = new BeanMetaData(bean.getClass(), null, this, null, false);
    14 add( new BeanForm(“beanForm”, bean, meta) );

    assuming I want the default metadata extraction.

  3. Dan Syrstad says:


    Thank you! Both of these are really good suggestions. The latter one would be especially useful if you’re using annotations or beanprops. I’ll add them to the to-do list!